The Rev. J. Brad Benson was called and accepted to serve as Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church beginning on September 15, 2019!

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Trinity Church is an Episcopal congregation located in the village of Seneca Falls, NY.  It is a member parish in the Diocese of Central New York.  Trinity Church was incorporated on February 11, 1831.  It’s current building was constructed in 1886.  A new parish house was constructed in 1915 due to alterations in the Erie Canal that affected the site.  The physical location and the worship space is the pride of the congregation.  Seneca Falls is known for a number of important local, regional and nation events and sites, including the National Women’s Hall of Fame, the Erie Canal Museum, the nearby Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, and the New York Chiropractic College.

Our Trinity prayer is as much a part of our mission today as it was when generations before us first worshipped at this site in 1886.

O Christ, the Rock of our faith, we give thanks
for these years of worship in this building. Your
people, as living stones, built a spiritual home for
worship, ministry, and mission. Grant us
your continued blessings. Straighten us in our
commitment of love and service to the world.
May that commitment be conveyed to the
remotest generation. This we ask in Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen