pastor_gaetzSince February 2016 I have had the privilege of serving Trinity Church as Interim Parish Priest.  I graduated from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in 1971 and served St. Mark’s, Baldwinsville for 9 years and then from 1980 until my retirement in November 2011.  I  was Senior/Executive Pastor of Atonement Church and Ministries in Syracuse.   For 16 of those year I was also Dean of the Central Conference of the Upstate New York Synod, participated in many ecumenical functions including a two year term as President of the Inter-religious Council of CNY and 4 times was delegate to the National Assembly of the Luthern Church.  Most significant being in 1998, the first year that “Called To Common Mission” (Finally approved in 2000) was voted on by which the Evangelical Lutheran Church and The Episcopal church recognizing each other in “Full Communion” which allows the inter-changeability of clergy.”  Since my retirement I have been serving as a supply preacher mostly in the Episcopal Church including two Interim assignments before coming to Trinity.  I have been very much at home in the Episcopal Church and especially Trinity Church.

There are so many things that I enjoy about Trinity

  • An open and infectious welcoming spirit.
  • A deep commitment to community involvement including :

a.  Major support to the Seneca County House of Concern.

b.  Adoption of a local animal shelter.

c.   Annual school supply drive.

d.   Monthly “Neighbors Dinner Out” which feeds nearly 100 needy and disabled people in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

e.   Growing stewardship which includes support and involvement in the diocese.

f.    Financial and prayer support for many domestic and international needs.

  •  Strong parish life:

g.  Being open to innovation in worship with deep appreciation for the  Eucharist  and a rich musical tradition.

h.  By-monthly home communion delivery by a team of “Eucharistic Visitors.”

i.  Large lay involvement in worship leadership including by the youth.

j.  Active Prayer Group.

k.  Numerous social events bringing members and “friends together, usually involving great food.

  • Great location.  Our church building is located as a focal point of Seneca Falls which is a remarkable tourist community with events almost every weekend.  Most well known being Woman’s Suffrage weekend (Seneca Falls is the birthplace of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement and Emilia Bloomer, of  “bloomers” fame, was an active member of Trinity) and It’s A Wonderful Life weekend (Seneca Falls is widely thought to be the pattern , bridge and all,  for the movie.)

Finally, and most important, in my short time at Trinity I have come to love the wonderful people of Trinity.

N. W. Gaetz

Trinity Church Office Staff 

 Marilyn Cator   /  Jean Macomber  /    Irene Ferrante