Memorial Garden

Trinity Church Memorial Garden 

A segment of the church property has been set aside for the deposition of ashes and a memorial garden on the canal side of the building. This lovely setting is available to any person but as the area is limited preference is given to individuals who have been a part of the congregation of Trinity Church.  This is defined as being someone who attended and supported Trinity regularly, a husband or wife, son or daughter, and descendants. The Rector and vestry will be the authorities to rule on allowing someone into the garden who has not had Trinity Church connections, if such decision is needed.  

The garden is designed to accommodate just the ashes (not urns) and those are interred directly into the ground with all due reverence and prayer. Individuals or their families need to apply for one or more “niche” and a deposit of $250.00 must accompany the application.  If for some reason, interment is cancelled, the fee is refundable.  After the application is accepted, a copy is returned along with a receipt.  If other members of a family are already interred in the garden, every effort will be made to bury family members next to or nearby. 

A bronze name plate will feature the deceased full name and birth & death dates. This will be added to a larger plaque affixed to the side of the church building.  The parish pledges to provide perpetual care for the garden and its surrounds.  Monies for the garden are held in a separate savings account and are not a part of the parish’s operating budget. The parish is appreciative of any monetary donations given to the parish in thanksgiving for the individual and the prolonged ministry of the parish. 

We encourage all to make arrangements for their deposition in the garden while they are alive and informing family members of their intentions. The rector/priest is available to assist with funeral planning. Suggested donations for clergy and funeral-related costs can be discussed.