Ministries of Trinity

 Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

We have several ministries within Trinity which help us to be a welcoming parish and also provide us with opportunities for our own spiritual growth.  We have people who have been trained as Eucharistic ministers, readers and acolytes.  In addition, the altar guild, flower guild, and greeters are active ministries at Trinity.  A small but dedicated group of parishioners have been trained to bring communion to shut-ins.  New members are always welcome to become part of these ministries.  The buildings and grounds committee and the clean team work to keep our buildings and grounds clean and well maintained.  Another vital ministry at Trinity is our worship committee.  They meet regularly with the pastor to discuss services months in advance.

In addition to ministries within the parish, Trinity is also involved in several outreach ministries.

  • Trinity periodically offers 6 – 8 week study groups.  The 2017 Lenten study was focused around the book “Wind In The Wilderness” by D. J. Rosario.
  • Prayer Circle –  The purpose of the ministry is to pray for members, their families, and others as requested by our parishioners.  This is something that has had times   of many members and time of few members.  However, it remains ongoing.