So you’re getting Married

Congratulations on your engagement!  We look forward to working with you planning your wedding.  Our contract is below and should be filled out and returned to us as soon as possible.

Marriage Arrangements

Trinity Episcopal Church

27 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, NY  13148



All these provisions reflect our belief that “the bond and covenant of marriage was established by God in creation” and that marriage “signifies to us the mystery of the union between Christ and his Church.”  In the faith of this Church, marriage is not a private transaction between two people, or between the couple and a priest, but a holy union that is begun and lived out in the community of Christ’s Church.

Marriage in the Church:

  1. A church wedding at Trinity Church is understood to be the celebration and blessings of a marriage in which the couple reverently and deliberately intend that their marital and family life be supported and upheld through regular participation in the worship and service of the church.  If the Church is to be a party to their marriage, we believe that Church will be, or will become, a part of their lives.
  2. Episcopal cannons (church laws) require that “one, at least, of the parties must be a baptized Christian”; that at least thirty days expire between the time of the request for a marriage and the wedding (preferably three months).  In cases of prior divorce or annulment, additional time is necessary to submit appropriate papers to the Bishop, whose consent is necessary.  In cases where one or both parties have been married more than once, the Bishop also requires a course of counseling by a licensed counselor (psychologist or psychiatrist).  No concrete wedding plans may be made unless the Bishop’s consent has been given.
  3. The wedding service and music shall be under the direction of the officiating priest, working cooperatively with the couple to be married.  The music selected shall direct attention to God, who sanctifies marriage.  It should be sacred (i.e. scripturally-based) in nature.
  4. The Book of Common Prayer specifies the vows of Christian Marriage.  Vows of the couple’s composition may not be submitted.
  5. Arrangements for place, date and time of the reception parties should be made only after the date and time of the marriage has been established through consultation with the Rector, at Trinity Church.
  6. Arrangements for marriage, for the most part, are to be handled by the couple to be married.  Messages passed through parents or friends are inappropriate to the maturity that is presumed for this important transition in life.
  7. Couple must attend pre-marital counseling with the Rector.  If you live out-of-town, another Episcopal priest must counsel you.  That priest must send a letter to Trinity confirming that the counseling has taken place.
  8. Please contact our wedding sexton if there are questions concerning the arrangement of flowers, candles, or other church decorating.  The wedding sexton should be contacted directly at least one month before the wedding.  He/she will also be present during your rehearsal  and wedding to open, arrange, clean and close the church.  Contact the Church Office for the wedding sexton contact information.
  9. Flowers are to be ordered by the bride and/or groom.  (Three local florists are familiar with arrangements for our church:  Sinicropi Florist – 315-568-6345, and Faith’s Flowers – 315-539-9164.)  It is appreciated, although not required, if the flowers  could remain on the altar for Sunday’s services.
  10. Flash photography is not permitted during the ceremony.  Fast film is permitted.  Videotaping is a possibility if conducted from an unobtrusive position to be determined in consultation with the officiating priest.
  11. Please note that bubbles or birdseed (feeds the birds; is biodegradable) are our acceptable alternative to rice or confetti, which are not to be used.
  12. To relect the solemnity of the occasion, and to demonstrate respect for Fod’s house, there is to be no drinking of alcoholic beverages anywhere on the church premises, at any time, before, during or after the rehearsal and wedding ceremony.
  13. The church building will be available from one hour before the ceremony to one hour after the ceremony.  Please respect this when arranging for photographs.

FEES:  Payable at the wedding rehearsal; please have separate checks prepared before the rehearsal for each of the following:

  1. Use of church facilities (Payable to Trinity Church):

$500.00 for non attendee/non supporter

$100.00 for child of Trinity attendee/supporter

Fee waived if couple regularly attends/supports Trinity for at least 1 year prior to marriage.

2. Rector:  (Trinity Rector)

$250 (includes required premarital counseling) (**This fee is reduced to $200 if premarital counseling is being conducted by another pries/minister approved by the presiding priest.)

3.  Organist (Payable to Dr. Susan Avery, or her substitute)

**Please contact our organist, Susan Avery, directly (h315-568-2321), to make sure she is available to play on the date of your wedding and to plan service music.  This should be done as soon as your wedding date is established with the Rector.  If Dr. Avery is unavailable, the church will try to assist you in finding another organist.  If you wish to bring your own musician/organist , this may be done only in consultation with Dr. Avery, and she is still to be paid her seat fee of
$75.00 (to be paid to Dr. Avery as soon as you confirm your use of a different musician).

$175 (includes consultation meeting [in person or via phone], rehearsal and ceremony.)

4.  Wedding Sexton

$75.00 (includes cleaning before rehearsal and after the wedding)

Please note that 4 checks must be presented at the wedding rehearsal.  Your wedding day is not the appropriate time for this.

************************************************************************************** We have read and understand the above arrangements and regulations for holding our rehearsal and wedding ceremony in Trinity Episcopal Church.  We agree to uphold these policies, and to communicate them to the appropriate members of our wedding party.

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Bride                                                                       Groom