So you’re getting Married



We would like to be the location for your wedding:

A wedding at Trinity Church is understood to be the celebration and blessing of a marriage in which the couple respect the sanctity and pastoral objectives of a Christian church. The priest requires a get-to-know-you interview before proceeding with any wedding plans.

Episcopal canons (church laws) require that at least one of the parties be a baptized Christian, and sufficient time be allowed for pre-marital counseling (three sessions). If the couple lives some distance from Seneca Falls, arrangements can be made for skyping or combining sessions into one day. In cases of prior divorce or annulment, forms need to be submitted. Trinity welcomes same-sex couples.

The wedding service and music are planned with the direction of the officiating priest, working cooperatively with the couple to be married. The priest will put you in touch with the church musician as well as a member of the church who will act as your liaison for things such as flowers, candles, etc. That person will also be present during your rehearsal and wedding to open, arrange, clean and close the church.

A fee schedule is available on request. Some fees are waived/greatly reduced if the couple has been attending and financially supporting the parish for the previous year and/or a parent/grandparent has been a member in good standing of the parish.

Please be in direct touch with Fr. J. Brad Benson at to discuss your wedding plans.